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Watch your P’s and Q’s

Portland and Queen that is. One of Toronto’s newest and hottest condos is located at Queen and Portland. And you’re going to want to pop in to have a look. The collaboration of Metro Wallcoverings, Kantelberg Design, and CamAd produced one of the most stunning and elegant lobbies you have ever walked in to. We’re talking about 17+ foot ceilings and a 64+ foot wide continuous graphic.

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Beautiful + Portable

How great would it be if one day you were on your way home and you stumbled upon a portable Ikea? Not only did you find one of your favourite stores became more accessible but they were also handing you things…..for free! Would your friends be jealous of your free swag as you told them about your great discovery? Imagine the hype the media would have once word had spread about a portable store.

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