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Portland and Queen that is. One of Toronto’s newest and hottest condos is located at Queen and Portland. And you’re going to want to pop in to have a look. The collaboration of Metro WallcoveringsKantelberg Design, and Camad produced one of the most stunning and elegant lobbies you have ever walked in to. We’re talking about 17+ foot ceilings and a 64+ foot wide continuous graphic.Our Challenge: Create a flawless image that sends your jaw to the floor. Some of the humps along the way were shifting single flowers 3” this way and 4” that way from the design phase to account for framing around doors and windows, to un-square walls, and to maintaining perfect registration from vertical panel to vertical panel. Unlike standard wall coverings, this image had to fit together like a puzzle. Not to mention completing the project on budget.There was a lot of back and forth between all parties in the preparation stages before proceeding. Kantelberg’s vast attention to detail and the team’s strive for perfection was integral. The passion we all held for this project destined us to accept nothing less than the best, no matter what the trials and tribulations were.

Attention to detail was paramount in this project. Detailed print outs, or as we call them “wall maps” for each elevationThe Result: Awe inspiring. The wall covering matched up perfectly with the fantastic accent wall, impressive tiles and overall design of the lobby. In the end the client was excited about the final product, and that’s what matters.I am very proud of this project and believe that all the hard work paid off.

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With a Bachelor of Technology in Printing from Ryerson, Justin’s career is built on a strong foundation. His love for design and technology led Justin from university to prepress and production where he learned his craft, forged a reputation for attention to detail and developed a strong desire to service customers.


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