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How great would it be if one day you were on your way home and you stumbled upon a portable Ikea? Not only did you find one of your favourite stores became more accessible but they were also handing you things…..for free!  Would your friends be jealous of your free swag as you told them about your great discovery? Imagine the hype the media would have once word had spread about a portable store.

Ikea thought so and what a hit it was. From the brains of Leo Burnett Toronto came the idea of the portable “beautification wall”, and Ikea was on board straight away. Ikea opened a new store in Ottawa back in December and this portable wall played a big part in letting people know of the store’s launch.

Our Challenge: To build a portable wall 7 feet high by 24 to 28 feet long. It needs graphics, shelving, and needs to go up in panels. The whole operation also needs to fit in a truck and be able to be assembled and disassembled in a relatively short period of time. Not to mention we needed it yesterday.

Straight after my meeting with Dave Eades of Leo Burnett I went directly to the guys in the city I knew I could trust to produce such a wall, Grown Design (Hyper link this). In true Ikea fashion, Mike Ford and Dave Benson of Grown Design came up with a simplistic design that would allow the walls to be assembled on uneven ground and use little more than an allen key, yet hold up to any winter day in Ottawa.

In a few short weeks the project was complete. The graphics looked great, the shelves fit perfect, and the project was shipped to Ottawa with hours to spare.  The Result: The Beautification Wall was a huge success. Not only did the wall look great and assemble easily, but the outcome was fantastic! The steady line kept the streets occupied for hours. You can bet that people were talking about their free towels and picture frames for days. The project went so well that we have the wall in storage here at CamAd, just waiting for the next Ikea launch.


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With a Bachelor of Technology in Printing from Ryerson, Justin’s career is built on a strong foundation. His love for design and technology led Justin from university to prepress and production where he learned his craft, forged a reputation for attention to detail and developed a strong desire to service customers.


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